What is Heal´s Kitchen?

Heal´s Kitchen is the reflection and collection of my own ongoing healing journey over the past 10 years. Life often throws some serious stuff at us. Events that require adaptation, or even some necessary changes in the way we live. Being alive presents itself in an interplay of darkness and light. We all got fried in Hell´s Kitchen, but now it´s time to cook up a storm in Heal´s Kitchen! I want to share what I may call healing recipes, or rather unique mixtures that are subject to modification. Every body (literally!) is different, and life is changing and so are we. Therefore, a recipe is never fixed, but can be spiced up any time. So let´s pimp the traditions, fuse, and whip up something new that creates tastes of life – basically everything you do in a normal kitchen. We feed ourselves through inspiring each other.
Why healing?
In short: because it is friggin´ awesome. Healing is much more than putting a band-aid on a situation or condition. Healing is multi-dimensional and a holistic experience. This means that it occurs on all levels of our human beings, namely the physical, emotional, mental as well as the spiritual level..and beyond!
We heal to to make us whole again. Whatever wholeness means to you – for me it is about aligning with our true essence, our soul and purpose. It is about making the most amazing out of your human existence.
Though healing and “healers” have become a profession, all healing is basically self-healing. Sometimes we need someone to facilitate so that we can fine tune and tap into our innate abilities – and thanks a bucket to all facilitators and lightworkers out there!
Whatever life hands you – may it be a health challenge, that fucked up relationship you are clinging on to, the experience of loss in it´s many ways – any of these are invitations to move from the obstacles in your life to its tremendous possibilities.
Healing is releasing what no longer serves us and replacing with new intentions. And since we are all part of this interconnected world, Healing never happens in isolation. Those little bits and pieces you are healing within yourself are ultimately benefitting the greater good – even beyond your close relationships.
That´s the way the cookie crumbles.
When we allow ourselves to heal, we create and are truly in spirit.
About Me
I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder that – in a nutshell – causes a mucus congestion in the glands and primarily affects (at least in may case) the lungs and pancreas. When I was a teenager, my health deteriorated rapidly and the only therapy option left was a Double Lung Transplant which I received in 2005.
Three years later, I developed renal failure due to medical intoxication of the immunosuppressant medication that I had been on. My mother gave me the gift of life for the second time by donating me one of her kidneys. If everyone has a gateway to embark on their very own healing journey, then I would say that these two events were mine. They enabled me to getting out of the survival mode and learning to live a different life, so thanks much for that.
Today, I am still taking medication. I am still going for my follow-ups. And I am still experiencing health upsets every now and then. But I am as fit as a fiddle and live a more or less ordinary life. I learned to combine allopathic medicine with a holistic approach. This means that I am supporting and continuously getting to know all aspects of me – my body, my mind, my spirit and my emotions, a truly rewarding and ever surprising journey.
The staples in my Heal´s Kitchen are a dedicated Yoga practice, a healing journey with Reiki and fun and amazement with other energy healing and integrative modalities, this lovely planet we live on, as well as continously and conciously creating and living a holistic lifestyle. And there is much more to come! I am excited for what else is awaiting me on my path and what I can toss into my healing bowl.
The healing experience is individual and certainly comprises more what I can tell from my journey so far – and what I am trying to squeeze into a 800 word text.
There is a saying that life is a journey – and for healing yourself you do not even need to book a ticket. So get on board for the adventure of your life.
With a whole lotta love