Let´s Talk About It: Creating Me-Time

Self-care and a dedicated Me-Time are the pillars of Holistic Living. Caring for yourself does not only mean the regular and necessary grooming, but more importantly your blooming. Continue reading “Let´s Talk About It: Creating Me-Time”


Magic in Your Hands with Mudras

A cut-out from a magazine article about mudras – also coined as Yoga for your fingers – changed my life when I was a teenager.I always wanted to do Yoga, but due to deteriorating health, the mat remained rolled up. Little did I know then that Yoga is much more than asana, but that is a different story. So back to mudras: The term Mudra means gesture or attitude, and also signifies a seal. Mudras are often a combination of the other limbs of Yoga practice like asana, pranayama and bandha, or they are just simple hand positions (hasta). And as we know, the simple things are those with the most profound effect. Same applies to mudras.

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Healing Your Emotions

 I think its great. We live in a day and age in which we are continously and consciously expanding and realising that we are more than just a physical body. Thanks to books, media and the WWW we have access to almost everything that educates, inspires and changes the way we used to think life is. It is indeed a festival and movement of the Body Mind Spirit, but hey, who forgot to invite the Emotions? Continue reading “Healing Your Emotions”