The Hidden Positive Intention or Allowing Yourself to Heal

Happiness and health – who does not want these two pillars of a successful and fulfilled existence? Yet, we all have some patterns interwoven into our lives. The stuff that we do not like, that kinda stuff we consider as our own “baggage” or construction site – it is most of the time our biggest strength,our door opener to take a different path to change what we can change, and to make use of what we got.

For me, my biggest teacher has always been my body. Continue reading “The Hidden Positive Intention or Allowing Yourself to Heal”

Let´s Talk About It: Creating Me-Time

Self-care and a dedicated Me-Time are the pillars of Holistic Living. Caring for yourself does not only mean the regular and necessary grooming, but more importantly your blooming. Continue reading “Let´s Talk About It: Creating Me-Time”