Avocado Coco Lime Cake

Cakes are always a good filler – may it be to fill that last little bit of space in your stomach, to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours or simply to celebrate. And in this beautiful mess of life, you´ll always find a reason to celebrate! Continue reading “Avocado Coco Lime Cake”


Awesome Acai

A huge wave has swapped from the Amazon and engulfs the entire world with its purple power. Acai it is, a tiny berry that looks like a crossover between a blueberry and a grape. Acai grows on huge palm trees in the Amazon. Continue reading “Awesome Acai”

Oh so Vegan Strawberry Fields Forever Cheesecake


After a three-day Spring cleanse on a liquid feast, my molars are all excited to chew again. And is there any better way to celebrate this than with cheesecake? No. Plus, its Spring here and strawberries are in season. Plus Plus, I needed to use some food up that was in the fridge. So it is playtime for me again!

This is a classy version of a vegan “cheesecake” made with silken tofu, containig no fancy nut creations or whatsoever. Continue reading “Oh so Vegan Strawberry Fields Forever Cheesecake”