Holistic Living

Holistic Living

With holistic, we are referring to the whole self, since the “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” (Fritz Pearls). Holistic Living provides an approach to life that is based on the bigger picture of yourself – you beyond your roles, and taking into consideration all factors that are shaping you as an individual. This comprises your body, mind, spirit and emotions alike , as well as all of your relationships – from your family bonds, your romantic partnership, to profession and much more.
Living holistically encourages to think out of the box, raises awareness, connects to higher aspects of self and awakens your creative life force. In short: it brings out the wonders of your human existence – the joy, fulfillment, contentment, peace and the experience of blissful happiness.

Holistic Living is about taking responsibility, love and care of self first and is truly self-empowering. Holistic Living is transformative in its very sense it takes you a journey full of self healing first to reuniting with and creating yourself.

Holistic Living Counselling

Holistic Living Counselling is a new style of counselling with the intention and ultimate goal of Self-Mastery. Holistic Living Counselling is an experiental approach for self-handling the ups and downs in life and connects you with its deeper meanings for healing and transformation. Guidance through Holistic Living Counselling equips you you with a tool-kit for reaching your best human potential – emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

I am a certified Holistic Living Counsellor and trained with the Institute for Holistic Living. If you wish for facilitation on your path of self-growth, well-being and stepping into your unique purpose, check my Create with Me page.