The Hidden Positive Intention or Allowing Yourself to Heal


Happiness and health – who does not want these two pillars of a successful and fulfilled existence? Yet, we all have some patterns interwoven into our lives. The stuff that we do not like, that kinda stuff we consider as our own “baggage” or construction site – it is most of the time our biggest strength,our door opener to take a different path to change what we can change, and to make use of what we got.

For me, my biggest teacher has always been my body. And it has just been recent that I got bitch slapped pretty hard in my face. A recurring physical symptom that requires a whole lot of attention, acknowledgment, acceptance and care from my side. Again! Looks like I did not heal enough before? Maybe. Or maybe, it is literally another pull to get to the root cause of it all. Because – as we know it – dis-ease occurs on many different levels.

And sometimes, despite our best intentions, commitments, affirmations and readiness, we reach the point where the healing path is more like a zig zag line and a dead end road. Who is talking about light and love? Fuck You!

Heck, it is frustrating. And yet, it is part of the process, too. Same old story. Once we reached the point where our reasoning doesn´t take us anywhere, well – that is when the subconscious knocks on the door pretty loud. Yip, that one that runs all programs that we are not really conscious about, yet these are the ones that determine the courses of our lives.

So what to do? Let´s grab the keys of listening and compassion. Because there are plenty of reasons why we are subconsciously hesitating to take the full step to healing and creating. It takes courage and curiosity to walk a healing path to your full potential, and it is certainly not always a cotton candy party.

Teal Swan talks about Hidden Positive Intentions (and I highly recommend you to watch that video) , something that I would translate into how your personal teacher is serving you. Yes, we do have invisible buttons that we press and create situations by default. This can be due to almost anything- from the role we are used to play in our family system and all other groups, experiences that shaped us, ancestral patterns, past-life memories…The bucket is bottomless. But every time, our underlying intentions do serve us. Because they are nothing else but basic needs that we are trying to get met,somehow.

As long as they serve you in a supportive way and do not harm others, is there anything wrong about those intentions? Possibly not. But if you are experiencing them as a huge mountain right in front of you that you want to surmount,´cause there is something better waiting on the other side, start climbing kiddo! The only one who is holding you back is you and that what you seemingly cannot let go of. Allowing Yourself to Heal is the biggest step that you can take.

Discovering your hidden positive intentions not only helps you to tackle the root of all (perceived) evil in your life, but it also enables you to get over this crazy polarization into good/ bad and black/ white and whatever else we love to judge about ourselves and others. Your hidden positive intentions just make you a normal human being, how boring is that?

Anyway, to make it all more exciting, I suggest you start asking questions, like in Teal´s video. Ask how, why,when and what if. Talk to that thingy that is driving you crazy – it does not necessarily have to be a physical symptom. Invite them all – your behavioural patterns, overreactions, feelings, and whatever else comes up at times. Even the smallest issue can reveal your entire life in front of you. And don´t even expect that what you think is the underlying cause of it all.

Remember, we are moving away from the head to the heart. From thinking into feeling. Using your logical reasoning will not bring you very far in the beginning, but will eventually help when all pieces of the puzzle have come together. And that is the best part of it. Until then – be curious and play. Tap into that right brain of yours, the intuitive and creative part of you. Use your imagination, ask questions, use the the four-second rule to get answers (that is the first answer that pops up within four seconds after asking a question), use your less dominant hand to write…and enjoy the ride! My favourite vehicle is the MindScape technique as well as the little lotta help of my inspiring  circle of friends. Get some of those!

Happy Healing!


Author: Maike

I am a Hippie, Lover & Learner of Life and passionate about Healing Journeys.

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