Three Steps to Manifesting


Many of my favourite words start with the letter M – Magic, Miracles, Munchies and Manifesting. Latter is more than just a hipster new agey term. I made an attempt to unravel the Secret of the Law of Attraction recently, as much as possible within the confinement of my own experiences so far.

The bottom line of is that we have a quite fair amount of self-responsibility when it comes to creating our reality. So hurry up Buttercup, it`s about time to decide and choose what ya want in your life. The human journey wouldn´t be as much fun as it is if it wasn´t for our dreams and vision and get the things we want. The force behind it all is intention – an impulse of our consciousness, the starting point of all our creations.

When it comes to manifesting, the mind and your emotions are THE tools, the catalysts, the whatever. Manifesting is bound to train and recreate the relationship with your mind, your emotional world therefore with yourself. For me, following the three steps below have led me well on the rocky road to creating my world.

1.Have a Clear Vision

Given the fact that everything is made up of energy and in a constant state of resonance, holy moly you better have a crystal clear idea of what you want! Be extremely precise in what you are putting out there. For example, it is not clear enough to say: I want a man/woman who loves me”. If you just want to be loved, you might end up with a stalker who will love you for sure, yet that could be more detrimental in the long run. Also, some dreams are better kept as a dream, particularly if they are involving another person´s free will.

Forming a wish into words clarifies a lot. Don´t minimise as the confirmation bias kicks in here again. Remember, it is the idea of the mind´s habit to interpret and experience life in the way that matches pre-existing thoughts and beliefs. Manifesting is a great way to change your beliefs and to shift and shape your energy and vibration. The underlying intention behind almost every manifestation is the wish to change. If you are lacking clarity, grab pen and paper, sit down and write without stopping. Don´t think, just write. Write exactly down what you want to attract, without compromising. After 5-10 minutes, stop ,take a breather and read through your notes. It might be coming to you as a surprise that what you thought you wanted in the fist place turns out to be different on paper. From what you got there, start fine-tuning your vision. Use your imagination without censoring!

2. Give Yourself Permission to Receive

For some people, manifesting is all easy peasy, regardless of how big or small their intentions are. Others experience more difficulties, and so often it seems like there is nothing happening. Nobody knows for sure how the Universe is ticking, yet a common reason why your manifesting practice can suck is due to the famous emotional blocks. We all have our personal and ancestral history of patterns that cut us off from abundance. Additionally, since we are a Universe and all One at the very base of our beings, we do sit in a cosmic shithole in which we are affected by each others stuff,too. So there is no blame in this game but rather a tremendous healing potential on a larger scale.

Manifesting itself is easy – it only requires your ability to receive. And in order to receive, you first must allow yourself to do so. Many of us have adopted the idea that it is not OK to have what you want. Or maybe something bad could happen once you got what you want. There are millions of reasons why we are better in closing up than opening up. A lot of fear is involved in accepting that actually everything is possible – and indeed it is flippin´ scary! Manifesting kicks you in the butt to step out of your own set limitations and comfort zones. Manifesting asks you to alter the roles you are playing in your life. All big things have small beginnings , and manifesting is not a competition, but a process to wholeness.

3. Act as if It is Already Happening

This is the fun part of manifesting. You are clear about what you want, its been in your head for who knows how long – but have you seen it,smelt it and even felt it? Have you given your vision a form? When you use your senses, you are creating a strong physical and emotional force. And remember, emotion is energy in motion so keep it up the good vibrations! It has been proven that the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body.Let´s hitchhike from the head to the heart!

Making use of your senses and tapping into your feelings brings your manifestation into the present moment – and when we are honest, it’s only this moment that we truly have. So why not making the best out of it? Act as it is already happening and allow your imagination to thrive! You will see it when you believe it. This is possibly the best free ride on going nuts that you ever get. And if it is just for a few moments during the day – really allow yourself to get absorbed in the experience. When you were a child you used to play all day long – manifesting is just cool game for grown ups. Use your imagination, create a vision board, say affirmations, talk with like-minded people and those you trust about it – there are heaps of way to give yourself the gift of presence.

Tuning into the manifesting mode is a healing journey in itself. Discovering and moving through your own resistances is one of the keys to self-realisation . Having a clear vision of what you want to create, a thriving imagination, keeping the faith and full trust in the Magic of Life are adding to the awesomeness of simply being a human. Moreover, the practice and art of manifesting reconnect you with your Inner Child. Carl Jung got it right long time ago : „ The child archetype is a personification of vital forces quite outside the limited range of our conscious mind…It represents the strongest most ineluctable urge in every human being, namely, the urge to realize itself.”
We hear all the time to approach the world and new things with a childlike mind and heart alike – and manifesting equals your very own source of openness, curiosity and imagination.

“I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of , so they will know that this is not the answer.” (Jim Carrey)

However, at the end of the day it is not about having all that you want. The path towards is what brings you the fulfilment. Our wants are often just a means to connect to some needs that we have neglected in the long run. Just another shabby example: You might wanna have that special car that will add to your image as the hunk and whatever. Yet, it could be that this is just feeding your ego. More important is to figure out WHY you actually believe that this kind of appreciation is desirable. If you find good reasons for it, by all means, go ahead manifesting. If you notice that the image is actually not that important and will just add another layer of defense, take some time out to check what is underneath it all and find other ways to attend to what you really need. And from there, deep shifts, learning and loving will happen,too.

This doesn´t mean that wanting and having a dream are delusional or weak. Nope, I believe our wants and our ability to dream are essential to motivate us and to think in possibilities rather than limitations. And nobody said that dreams cannot come true! Last but not least, manifesting is a dance of empowering yourself and surrendering to Higher Forces and learning to trust. Yes, and here comes in the art of detaching. Give up the control of HOW things shall come to pass. Let your want go and flow for your greater good and that of others involved.

So shoot for the moon and land among the stars of this vast and infinite Universe! For some more inspiration and motivation to dive deeper into the magic of manifesting, check out my lovely Farm Gypsy friend Flavias project Magical May and witness the miracles that you can create within 30 days.

Happy Manifesting peeps!


Author: Maike

I am a Hippie, Lover & Learner of Life and passionate about Healing Journeys.

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