Let´s Talk About It… Being More Than Enough

I am Enough

I am not enough – how often have you been feeling like this? It seems like this nasty feeling just loves to creep up in situations when the whole world seems to be turning the other way for you. After being turned down for that promising job, the bittersweet ending of your relationship, those unproductive days you spent in front of your computer trying to get your business going, or when you are asking yourself the famous Why? Why does it always rain on me? Why do Tom,Dick, and Harry have it all and why am I just the way I am?Why is life happening to me this way? Comparisonitis hits hard and is rather intoxicating you than pushing you forward and upwards.

The belief of not being enough is the root of a good deal of sh** not only in your life, but in our society at whole. Because we have come to believe that there is never enough – enough money, enough clothes, enough Likes on Facebook and all those other things that are not simply enough.

Accumulation is the one of many ways to prove to ourselves and others that we have enough to survive. And the emphasis is on surviving here. But how much do you live? The impression of not being enough cuts you off from the source of abundance. The German translation for abundance means Fuelle – and thus sounds similar to fulfillment, which abundance is all about. And this means fulfillment in every sense. If you feel and believe like you are not enough, of course you do not have you enough. Ever heard of the Law of Attraction (blog post in the making!)? And all that subconscious programming that we´ve been talking about? You eventually create what you have started to believe. Reality does suck at times, I agree!

Abundance blocks come from our surroundings and can wreak havoc with all areas of your life. I am referring to abundance in its various forms – from material, to emotional and of course spiritual abundance. For example, the thought and thus the reality of not having enough financial resources can stem from your upbringing and the family patterns you internalised around this. Many of us went to school and experienced how it is to be one of many and being measured according to unrealistic standards. Maybe you thought something was severely wrong with you because it took you a little longer to understand algebra. And don´t talk about science. Or writing essays.

We learned to thrive in self-doubt rather than in self-esteem. This will keep you away from a fulfilled and funfilled life and the discovery of all that is actually possible. Provided you want to go the path of infinite possibilities, of course. If comparison has become such an integral part of our human life, how about turning it around? The only benchmark of comparison should be YOU with yourself. And just in terms of the progress you are making with changing your beliefs and thus reframing your world. Comparison is not necessarily a bad thing; it serves well as a motivator to realize what you are capable of, too. Because last but not least, abundance is contentment and fulfillment with all that you already have and who you are.

So what is the bottom line of all abundance and being enough? The answer is Love. That sounds cheesy and spiritual hipster talk for sure, but it is the way it is. And yip, its love for yourself. That’s a biggie and doesn´t happen overnight(but guess what?! Blog post in the making!). The first step to access this love is to stop chasing for approval and tapping into your inner resources of wealth. Because you are more than enough, no matter what you are trying to believe. And hey, look back on how amazing you have done so far – you manage to go to the supermarket and count your change and even more for which you need a common sense of numbers. You have overcome the first, second and third heartbreak and who on earth needs to understand science? So embrace yourself with all your quirks and just jerk it out.

All You need is less is one of my favourite inspirational quotes . But I truly believe the one thing we should never minimize ourselves on is love, compassion and gratitude for ourselves.


Author: Maike

I am a Hippie, Lover & Learner of Life and passionate about Healing Journeys.

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