Om what? How You Can Transform Your Life with Mantras


Living life from an energy perspective, a matter of fact that we simply cannot deny is that everything is made up of vibration. Even the Super String Theory supports this idea, what a Big Bang indeed! And where there is vibration, there is bound to be a sound. Different frequencies influence us every day, and we – our physical body and our energy body alike – emit sound in the most subtlest ways, too. In meditation, you are entering the sound of silence – and this is where your world can completely shift. A great little helper to enter this state are mantras. Mantra is a Sanskrit word made up of two parts. Man means mind, and tra means transport or vehicle. Thus a mantra is like a means of transport that allows your mind to enter different states of consciousness. Repetition is the key here. The more, the merrier seems to be the rule to follow here. In meditation, you silently repeat your mantra – that might be Om, the universal sound or other sounds and syllables from the Sanskrit salad or else. Check out the top three reasons why and how mantras work for you:

1. A mantra harnesses your relaxation response

When used in meditation, a mantra puts you easily into the relaxation mode. Both hemispheres of the brain are being synchronised which in turn slows down your breathing rhythm, lowers the blood pressure and calms down you nervous system. Simply put, you are achieving a meditative state of mind through a change in the chemical balance of the brain. Repetition of short syllables and vocals or even sentences give your mind the opportunity to focus on something. And repetitive action brings it back to the present, the moment where everything exists and anything is possible. You are entering a stress-free zone, and worries about the past and future do not have space here.

2. Mantras do have proven effects on altering the cellular structure of your body

How come? Remember that your body is vibration, too. Health occurs when the body is in a natural, resonant vibration with all that is happening inside and outside of you. Disease can happen when the body starts vibrating at a counter frequency – for whatever individual reason. The result is that energy is not flowing, hence we are in a state of dis-ease. Fabien Mamans sound cellular research captures the effects of sound on cells impressively. Each note has a visible effect on the cellular structure, creating different shapes and colours. So how to get there?

When you go one step further and start chanting your mantra, your tongue stimulates the approx. 84 meridian points on the roof of your mouth. This in turn activates the hypothalamus, the thalamus and the pituitary gland in your brain. These are responsible for a whole lot of your body´s regulation mechanisms, such as hormone production and homeostasis. We all know that relaxation and a meditative state can open the gates for healing.

But there is another crucial factor to add to the healing sound machine. Jonathan Goldman, one of the most amazing soundhealers we have on this planet, created the formula of frequency+intent=healing. There is ample evidence that certain frequencies have the potential to alter the molecular structure of cells, and even shatter cancer cells, as demonstrated here. And we know about the power of intention thanks to Dr.Masuru Emoto´s experiments on water molecules. Depending on which words the water in a petri-dish was exposed to, it would form different crystalline structures – aligned or disfigured. Hence, the intention behind thoughts and words do matter and can change the expression. Considering that the human body consist to 70% of water, this is simply mind blowing. And another plus is that your DNA reacts to sound waves – so you can guess what might be possible with this. Holy Smoke!

3. Mantras facilitate shifts in consciousness

And they are certainly not modest in doing so! From diving deep into consciousness and expansion in meditation and/or to inducing shifts in your subconscious – mantras help you with the job. Remember your subconscious is the filter on how you experience this world. Many experiences and belief systems are based on repetition. The repetitive, positive nature of mantra can help you to plant new seeds of belief, as well as strengthen certain qualities in you. Your intention is what matters. Mind Goldman´s formula frequency + intent=healing. So be clear about what intention you put behind your mantra and create your own healing sound.

Goldmans other formula is vocalization+visualization=manifestation. Simply couple your mantra with a visualisation and create that energetic pattern that you wish to see happening.This makes sense indeed. Traditionally, mantras have been used ever since to change the vibrational frequency of the physical body and what is beyond that – your etheric body or aura. It is about attuning yourself with Higher Forces – that may be God,Buddha, the Universe or whatever resonates with you. It might even be a specific goal you are pursuing. Through repetition,these energies encoding themselves upon you. This brings you in the conscious state of unification and oneness. You are realising yourself as a part of what you are chanting for, so happygolucky with that one!

Isn´t it amazing how creative we can be with the resources life offers us – sound, thought, vision, speech and much more. And the best thing: it is completely prescription-free. Mantras transform you into an energy bombshell – and it is only love that detonates. And so it is – and it is your energy that you put out into the world. And what you put out comes back to you. With a little self healing practice with mantras you can shift your vibrational frequency, open up all those energy channels and levels of your being to realise that you are more than just a body and heck yes, there is heaps out there in this world for you. So keep chanting and step into all that is possible.


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