Weeha! Care for Your Kidneys

Have you ever sat on a bench on a sunny day in early spring or enjoyed a very late summer evening outdoors and a couple of hours later you were running to the toilet frequently with painful sensations while passing urine? Hello bladder infection old friend! Particularly the transitory months like April and October bear their very own joys and perils. We are certainly cool kids, but we do underestimate the temperatures.
Cooler temperatures make us shiver and are putting stress on our immune system. The results are often nasty urinary tract infections. Left untreated, infections of the bladder can cause severe damage to your kidneys in the long run. We don´t want the devil to show up here, but unfortunately, we often  become aware of our body´s needs when it is giving us extreme signals in form of dis-ease. Physical healing is about developing an attitude of gratitude for our bodies, so it´s about time to pay a little bit more attention to those little beans inside you.

Kidney Function

Kidneys have a bean-shaped form (hence the name kidney beans!) and are located on either side of your spine at the lowest level of your rib cage. Connected to the bladder via the ureters, your kidneys perform a tremendous job every day by filtering around 1500 litres of blood from which only 2-3 litres leave the body as urine. Blood purification and elimination of waste products are just two of their functions. Your kidneys are responsible for regulating a whole lot of your body balance, including pH, water balance, regulation of blood pressure and production of hormones for building red blood cells, vitamin D synthesis for bone health and so forth. Real little powerhouses indeed!

Looking at the kidneys symbolically, their ability to filter reflects back into our personal lives. Spring and Autumn are a time for resurrecting and retreating alike – so connect to your feelings, behaviours, relationships, your mental, emotional and physical diet and decide what can be kept and what can leave for good. Its truly a time for filtering and  cleansing on all levels. You can support your body through these shifts with some easy steps.

Kidney Care 101

1. Flush them: The easiest way to support your kidneys in getting rid of the accumulated waste products is to hydrate properly and to wee accordingly. Ideally, you can aim to drink 2-3 litres of water per day for a good flush. Again, that is the ideal. See what works for you best – even 1.5 litres might be enough. It is important to keep your liquids as pure in substance in possible, e.g. in form of filtered water or herbal teas. Caffeine, sodas and juices are not counting here! You can train yourself to drink more water. Start your day with a big glass to give your body a proper flush in the morning. You may notice a difference over a period of time. From here, it´s easy to increase your daily intake. For instance, set a reminder to drink a big glass half an hour before meals. It takes about 21 days for the brain to internalise a new habit, so just get started!
2. Cleanse them: Regular cleansing is part of a healthy life. While clean eating is always a good choice to keep the amounts of chemicals and other bad-ass stuff at bay, you can give your kidneys an extra cleanse with adding some of these super foods as well. Lemon juice is always a hit when it comes to cleansing. Easy peasy lemon squeezies – just add some squeezes of lemon to your water or dilute freshly squeezed lemon juice into warm water for an early morning cuppa. Or go for a super sour lemon shot by downing the  juice of half or a whole lemon. Lemons are alkalising, thus helping the body to balance its pH which is crucial for its overall function. Additionally, lemon juice raises the citrate levels in urine and can help to prevent kidney stones. And another rock’n’roll factor of lemons are their high vitamin C content and the antioxidant load which naturally detoxs your system.
Cranberries are the most popular remedy for bladder infection. Here ´s to Pink Power – by making the urine more acidic bacterias have a hard time growing. Plus, they are hindered to attach on to the walls of the bladder. A cranberry juice a day can keep the the doctor away – opt for an unsweetened organic one, keeping it as pure as possible.
3. Keep them warm: Stick to Grandmas advice to cover your middle and lower back area. She was certainly concerned to keep you snug when the cooler times hit the country! And she was so right: In Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are considered as the fountain of good health and regulating the life energy Qi. By keeping your middle warm, you maintain your body´s warmth and boost circulation. The more Qi can flow, the more life grows and you are all forearmed for colder days. Keeping your kidneys warm is essential for overall wellbeing. And it is actually quite comfy!T
hank heaven that doesn´t mean tucking your vest into your panties or wearing an impractical onesie to keep the sensitive areas covered. A classy kidney warmer is doing the job much better and in a more stylish way. A tube fabric around your midriff and lower back gives your kidneys all the comfort they need and keeps you warm, too. Before you are giving Gran a call to take out the knitting needles, check www.grandmasaid.org  for some cosy kidney warmers. Made of a 100% organic cotton with a 100% love. 100% healing is what I say!


With thanks to

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