New Beginnings

We made it through the first month of 2016 and Chinese New Year is just around the corner. A time that invites for new beginnings, and who has not upon reflection of the past year thought about the things they want to stop, want to do more, get rid off and what to increase in their life? Who hasn´t made the famous New Years Resolution yet?

The interesting question is how often do we actually succeed in following up on our intentions and really creating a lasting change in habits, lifestyle and ways of thinking and acting? I used to be pretty bad with it to be honest. For example, every year I make the resolution to become a tidy and neat person. And every year (actually every day) I fail at it. I changed it into a life goal now to be sometime and somehow accomplished. Emphasis is on somehow.

New beginnings bear the excitement of something new to happen in our lives, but also the grief of leaving the familiar, the fear of losing and stepping into the unknown. Scary stuff! New beginnings can be anything but voluntarily; often sudden changes force us to go into a new direction. Losing your job, break-ups, make-ups, illness, loss, love, babies – I reckon you can add 10 + points to the list. New beginnigs are accompanied by a smiling and a crying eye. But what is for sure is that they are opening us the doors for discovering new ways of living and being. New beginnigs are vital for us, but do we really need events and external forces or set dates such as December 31st to start anew? I like the energy of the passing of the old year and the sweet expectations of the new year. I guess the motivation is quite high when many people share a date to head into the new. Over the years and thanks to  meditation and all those things you do to expand your consciousness, the idea of NOW has become one of my life pillars. Living in the present moment and knowing it is the perfect moment gives us the freedom to start a new beginning -every minute, every hour, every day. This can be a huge one or smaller beginnings along our paths. The present is the gift we receive daily. It reminds of our own power and ability to choose. Since I am striving to live more and more in the Now moment, I am inviting and experiencing new beginnings in their many different ways on a regular basis. Its cool because I can actually witness and feel the changes I am intending to make. This can be anything from creating new habits, adding some more nourishing foods to my diet, or taking the risk to pursue what my heart is longging for. Still, it does not work with keeping my stuff in order, but who fudging cares with infinite possibilities around?
New beginnings are thrilling; often they confront us with facing our deepest fears, just to discover what is waiting for us on the other side of it. Being present and open to new beginnings also helps to adapt much quicker when life goes all topsy-turvy at times.

In a week we are entering the year of the monkey, according to the Chinese Calendar. So this is maybe another incentive to calm the monkey mind, be present and realise what we can do now. ‘Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.’ Enjoy the dive into the deep oceans of possibilities and trust in the magic of new beginnings.


Author: Maike

I am a Hippie, Lover & Learner of Life and passionate about Healing Journeys.

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