Healing Your Spirit

When I started brainstorming about this topic, I really had to pause for a while. When was the last time that I healed my spirit? Is it something we actively do or does it just happens, as a nice side-effect of all the healing we are doing on the physical, emotional and mental levels?

So I couldn´t really get an answer to this. I have to admit that I ´ve only read a handful of all those spiritual books out there that might provide the answer.  I like feeding my mind and yours as well, because understanding is important to inspire action. However, researching on the topic of spirit is vast and did not bring the results I wanted. Sometimes, even Google doesn´t have the answer either. Instead, I had a rare moment of enlightenment. And the message was: Just drop it. Healing your spirit is an unique individual experience to reflect on, and you know that. So here we go with some bits of how I experienced the healing of my spirit so far – and there is hopefully much more to come. Yes, its becoming a little bit spiritual now, but not religious. Healing your spirit strengthens your connection with spirituality. And spirituality is definitely not religion. Latter is more of a group experience where you are sharing the same faith, morals and values and much more. Spirituality on the other hand is your personal experience with whatever you feel is Greater than you. Its a path of self-discovery and self-realisation and appreciation of One-ness with all that surrouds us and all that is. However, religion and spirituality are not excluding each other.

Spirit and Soul

Let´s begin with clarifying some terms. Soul and spirit are often used interchangeably and at the same time differently, so what the heck is a spirit and what is a soul? According to religious views, the spirit is the immaterial part of man. It is the individual connection to God, the connected Universe or any Higher Power you might believe in. The Hebrew word nephesh for soul means life, and that what the soul is possibly about: Your life as a human being, and what makes You an individual human being.

Spirituality in the way I am experiencing is not attached to a deity. It is my personal antennae to the Higher aspects of myself and the world. Healing my spirit has brought me closer to the universal values of love in its many ways, peace, compassion for self and others, kindness and forgiveness. It is teaching me the art of letting go, adopting different perspectives of life and reaching acceptance – of myself and all the things I simply cannot change. It is the sweet practice of surrendering. Connecting with my spirit  brings me  back to my personal truth and intuition. Healing my spirit is like the merging of all support that I am providing on the other levels of my being, almost like the cherry on top of that healing cake. It is truly creating union and wholeness. I love these moments when the jigsaw is completed. When you realise how much you have grown out of that mess that presented itself in the first place. And at the same time, connecting with my spirit is my messenger system to tell me what needs to be attended to.

Gimme some purpose, please!

For me, a part of healing your spirit is also aligning with your soul´s purpose. We often ask what is the meaning of life and if there is a special purpose for us. If you haven´t found yours yet, don´t worry, its definitely out there. I believe in this. I would also guess that we have more than one purpose, depending on the different roles we are playing in our lives and the life stages we are all going through. This may be both a perceived meaning and purpose and the true meaning and possibly all about the journey towards it? At this stage, I really don´t have a clue!

Moreover, how often have we heard about the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ or maybe experienced it ourselves along our path? This is what the church often refers as a spiritual crisis on the journey towards the union with God…or with yourself. You might have heard about stories of people who lost every meaning in their life,due to sudden changes and somehow managed to get out of it. Its a kind of rebirth into a new way of being. Similar to symptoms of depression, Eckhart Tolle describes the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’as arriving at a place of conceptual meaningless. It is the collapse of a perceived meaning of life, an awakening into something deeper which is no longer based on the concepts of the mind. Basically, the death of the egoic self, but let´s talk about Ego another time.

So is healing your spirit all about becoming a different person? I feel it is more about realising your uniqueness in this cosmic pot we are all living in. Gurmukh sums it up: ‘You don´t need to be fixed; you simply need to know how wonderful and perfect you already are(…) You are born as a spiritual being to have a human experience.’ So Namaste!

Some good reads and information:

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Caroly Myss: Anantomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing






Author: Maike

I am a Hippie, Lover & Learner of Life and passionate about Healing Journeys.

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