Healing Your Mind Part 2

The journey through consciousness ended in Part 1 with heaps of information. In case you wanna revisit, click here. 
We have learned about the different parts that the mind is composed of. And it has become pretty clear that is has an insanely immense power that we are not even aware of. Remember the executive function of the subconscious by accepting the conscious minds ideas and creating according to the nature of these thoughts? It highlights the importance to select what goes in, because it will come out, too. Understanding that you experience life according to your perception and how the subconscious works are the keys for healing.

From the conscious to the subconscious and all the way back and beyond

But  healing your mind starts with making use of your conscious mind. It is equipped with reasoning and the bombshell of CHOICE. Yes, you can actually choose what you what you want to think and believe in. The subconscious is very manipulative (what a naive and powerful thing!) with regard to whatever is being imprinted on it. So there we go. Jopseph Murphy sums it up in his book ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’: ”The law of your mind is: You will get a reaction or response according to the nature of the thought or idea you hold in your conscious mind.” BOOM! He describes the subconscious mind like soil which accepts any seed you are planting into it. And now we have the salad! Because of its nonselective nature, it is more than an good advice to watch your thoughts as they are sooner or later becoming your reality. This applies to both supportive as well as unsupportive thoughts. So go through your garden of beliefs. Dig up and plant those seeds you want to see blossom. Because you have the ability to choose thanks to your conscious mind, you can start influencing your subconscious with whatever is enriching and inspiring for you. This will eventually lead to reprogramming your unconscious mind and heal those deep-seated belief systems that can mess up your life at times. And what about the collective unconsciousness that has an impact with its unversal themes on our mental world as well? To be quite frank, I am still reading Carl Jung´s masterpiece and don´t know what he would say. In my humble opinion, I agree with the truth: Change yourself and it changes the world. Healing starts with and within you and creates ripple effects for the greater whole.

Healing ideas

Time to put the ideas into practice. How are we healing our minds? Let´s start with checking in with belief systems about self, others and the world. A mental spring-cleaning is sometimes all that is needed to become aware what thoughts you are having and consequently which beliefs might be created out of that. By simply observing the dialogue you are having with yourself, you´ll get an impression of what is really happening down under! Becoming aware of your self-talk reveals also the vocabulary you are using when chit-chatting with yourself and others (and about others). Have you ever noticed how often you are using limiting words such as don´ts and cannots? Choose your words with regard to whether they are supportive for you or not. Reframing negative expressions into positive ones can open doors of possibilities. And here we come to the Power of Positive Thinking. I don´t need to tell ya that there is ample scientific proof that positive thinkers are happier than pessimists. In the end, it is all about choice and making use of your conscious mind to change your perception. This is how you can move mountains. Great tools to use are visualization of what you want to attract into your life and affirmations, positive and personal statements that condition the subconscious in a loving way by consciously repeating them. Talking to yourself and using your imagination are anything but odd here!

Fair enough, changing your thoughts and sorting out beliefs is a pretty tough job and always easier said than done. Releasing and changing the familiar is a process in which true healing takes place. So be gentle!

There is always a reason why you think the way you think. I used to be an extreme pessimist. I had my reasons for it. And still, I am not jumping on the bliss train, put on a fake smile and shout out loud everything is fine if it clearly isn´t. I can also be a a very good drama queen. But: The more I observe my thoughts in a non-judgemental way and simply acknowledge that they just are, the more I can understand them, say Hi and am able to choose what I want to think and believe in. The bottom line is while negative thinking in its ordinary ebbs and flows is a part of our mental world, life is just easier with an open and optimistic outlook. So believe in the good things coming. Moreover, we are co-creators of our reality, but that topic is worth a separate post.

The most important to keep in mind when healing your mental world as well as any other part of of your being is to develop a loving and kind awareness and attitude for yourself. Life happens and so often things are just not in our control. Heck, we are just simple human beings. There is no use for blaming yourself or being judgemental. Healing allows us to take loving responsibility and fully embrace the polarities that we are made up. We are able to respond to what presents itself and find the deeper meaning for our life cruise, if we want to.

What do you think?


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Author: Maike

I am a Hippie, Lover & Learner of Life and passionate about Healing Journeys.

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