Let´s Get Physical – Healing Your Body


Often the body is our messenger when it´s just time to lay back and heal. So let´s pay a little more attention to this marvel. We can basically strip down layer of layer to the teeny tiny cores of our super beings, just to discover more and more what the body is capable of.

A pretty clever thing

Healing is often primarily referred to the body. And that makes sense. It does start with its natural ability to repair itself. We have all successfully fought off that damn flu and witnessed how our skin can perform miracles by simply closing wounds. OK, maybe there was a little help of medication here and there, but in the end guess who did the job of repairing? Yip Yip the body. There is an ongoing replacement process happening on a cellular level which we are even not aware of. It is simply amazing how the body can deal with complex tasks and keep up our vital functions, as well as throwing us completely out of whack. Your body has an innate wisdom. Healing your body is a matter of tapping into its consciousness.

Healing from deep inside

Like any healing journey, healing the body is an inner process. Health actually does comprise more than the physical constitution of a person. Defined by the WHO, it is a “(…)state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity”. I personally find this a good definition, as it emphasises the interplay of the whole self and the environment we live in. Equally important, health and being healthy cannot be standardised. Even people who live with chronic conditions are healthy in their very own way. There is just not such a thing like perfect health. Having said this, we also need to acknowledge that often a condition cannot be reversed completely. The healing process stretches here beyond the physical to the emotional,mental and spiritual levels. Sometimes we need to change our perception and explore ways to live with what is so that we can attain our personal version of optimal health. Healing occurs just in the right sequence for you.
There is a difference between healing an curing. The latter means more an alleviation of symptoms and getting rid of an illness. Healing, on the other hand, enables you to tackle the root of all evil. The Body/Mind connection is the basic premise in ancient healing modalities. Even allopathic medicine acknowledges it in its psychosomatic approach. The words psyche for soul and soma for body say it all here. We all know that a shitty mood, severe depression and stress can cause some serious health issues. Kick ass scientists have already proven the physiological compounds that are responsible of how we are physically feeling due to the interaction of the different layers of our being. Next to the mind and what we think and how we perceive our world, our emotional states are influencing the body as well. Emotion is energy in motion. They are linking the mind and the body. The feelings that come along with anything that you experience in your life – may it be traumas of any kind, and of course all the jolly and pleasant events as well – become encoded in the cell tissue. Life is energetically charged – so much for now.

Responsibility and Body Love

Our entire life story is stored in and reflected through our bodies.
The philosophy of energy medicine and the holistic perspective teach us about our own responsibility for the creation of illness at some level. Bohooo you might wanna shout and me,too – but the good thing is: it means that we are also responsible for our healing. Responsibility is our ability to respond. Any dis-ease teaches us something about ourselves, the patterns we are creating and often, what we are attracting into our lives. I know this is the worst to tell if you are facing ill-health – trust me, I had to accept it way too often!

Healing the body comprises much more than restoring wellness and being physically fit. Let´s talk about the body image. This is not only about body shaming and how society influences our perception of self. It is also about the latest craze in optimizing our bodies by adopting lifestyles just because they are hip. The health move can become indeed very unhealthy when motivated by misleading intentions. The bottom line is all about gratitude for your body…And LOVE! More than often we develop a kind of hostile attitude towards our bodies. This can be due to painful health challenges, bullying as well as traumatic experiences such as abuse or surgical interventions. The body becomes the playground for our emotional pain and in the worst case, we are punishing it with destructive tendencies.

Every body is perfect in its imperfections. It is a matter of developing an attitude of gratitude towards it. Because it is, regardless of how we wanna twist and turn it, your vehicle on this path of life. So let´s keep on taking good care of it. Healing your body can start as simple as giving your diet an overhaul, detoxify your environment and can lead to reprogramming of your DNA and beyond what you thought your limits would be. Holy Moly! Just be open for some quantum leaps.

Your body communicates with you every day – it is up to you to listen, act and heal.


The blue fella in the pic is Bhai Sajya Guru, one of the eight Medicine Buddhas who eliminates disease from all living beings. Namaste! © by the Himalayan MapHouse

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Author: Maike

I am a Hippie, Lover & Learner of Life and passionate about Healing Journeys.

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