Let´s Talk About It: Creating Me-Time

Self-care and a dedicated Me-Time are the pillars of Holistic Living. Caring for yourself does not only mean the regular and necessary grooming, but more importantly your blooming.

Being realistic, the world is not all fairy dust and rainbow farting unicorns. There are terrifying things happening with and around us that do shake us to the core. Nasty stuff that leaves us in doubt in the goodness of life. Global conflicts, personal crisis, relationshits – the list is endless. Hence, the importance to stand in and own power and to put yourself into the position as the co-creator of your life.

Holistic Self-care is about communicating with all aspects of you. Your body, your mind, your emotions and last but not least your spirit. Remember the Whole Self is an interrelated system so wherever you start, you will experience massive benefits in all areas of your life. In your Me-time, you are creating nourishing and happy habits. Those kinds of habits that are supportive, inspiring and simply good for you. Your Me-time is a dedication to yourself, to your personal growth.

Self-care isn´t a selfish thing or the latest craze in holistic lifestyle woo woo. We have all learned along the line to take responsibility. Preferably for others, though. And why not, we all have the very human need to feel needed. However,trying to help and to be there for others is quite energy draining in the long run. You cannot pour from an empty cup, that´s for sure.

If you don´t go within, you go without – it´s as simple like that. And given the crap that we are exposing ourselves to and also pick up from others, it is important to continuously reflect, to look at our own mirrors presented, and to set healthy boundaries.

Holistic Living Philosophy views life is a mirror. And so it is – most of our reactions and actions are based on our own projections, our very own emotional history and life experience. In your Me-time, you take that necessary look within. Eventually, you put together your own toolkit , consisting of things that make you happy and boost your mood, relax you and also help you to release what is no longer needed – and of course, to replace with what ya want! What you do in your Me-time can be anything, as long it is for yourself only – from dancing in your office to meditating, saying affirmations, journaling, celebrating your breakfast to blowing kisses to yourself in the mirror.

And even five minutes every day can be enough. You see you don´t need to make a big change in order to change. You only need to give yourself the gift of time.

Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don´t have time’ is like saying ‘I don´t want to.” (Lao Tzu)

The most common excuse for not creating Me-time is actually the issue of not having time. And indeed , there just seems to not be enough time these days. We do suffer from a critical shortage of time and busy-ness. But guess what? Time is to a certain extent a man-made concept. Time as we know it is pretty much a relative scale, measuring the passing of time and freaking us more or less out.

The bottom-line is that we do have 24 hours every day, and what on earth we are doing with them is fairly up to us. Of course, we all have commitments like working, being there for our kids and families and so forth. Because they do matter. And you do, too. It´s about time to reconsider our concept of time.

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